Make your vision come true

Pick and choose out of an infinity of combos: colors, hues, shapes, textures, finishings and other production techniques.

We will make it happen.

Decorative ceramics by the hands of Time

In its longevity, Loucicentro is vast.

Established in Portugal in 1990, its history and experience allow for distinctive high-quality services and craftship.

We bring our handmade expertise into the present day, combining technology and wisdom in order to provide our friends in business with the very best ceramics.

Earthenware has finesse

We will do you proud.
Enjoy an infinite number of combinations, as we work to accomplish the perfect piece in whichever quantity you desire.

Stoneware has memory

You could say it’s hard to forget.
We ably handle this light but sturdy material to produce pieces in line with what you wish to accomplish.

This is who we are

Handmade is made with love

The fact that we use innovative technology and modern machinery does not exclude working by hand.
Decorative ceramics techniques by hand are extremely valuable and crucial to a high quality result…
It’s a plus for us, because we do love people and like to take good care of our workers.


We offer a broad range of striking finishings thanks to our know-how and expertise.

Your needs first

We are highly flexible, working according to your needs and demands. We want to make your vision come true.

Our bar is set high

We aim to produce high quality pieces, be it in shape, color, material… For our clients, only the best.


With 4000 square meters, or a little over 43000 square feet, we’ve got the space and the tools to deliver the pieces you need.